Aproximación a la logística militar del ejército de Aníbal
Cabezas Guzmán, Gerard

Fecha: 2013
Resumen: Logistics is a key issue for an army in campaign any time. However, it was even more relevant when troops were forced to travel 1,500 kms. through enemy territory, up to the surroundings of their enemy, Rome, and that happened during the Hannibalic War. This paper, therefore, aims to show the logistic difficulties experienced by Hannibal's army during his first years in Italy.
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Lengua: Castellà
Documento: article ; recerca ; publishedVersion
Materia: Logistics ; Resources ; Transport ; Supplies ; Mules
Publicado en: Historiae, Núm. 10 (2013) , p. 91-119, ISSN 2462-3636

Adreça alternativa: https://www.raco.cat/index.php/Historiae/article/view/286605

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