Derevânnye konstrukcii na stoânke kamennogo veka Zamostje 2 : novye dannye
Lozovskaya, Olga V.
Lozovski, V. M.
Mazurkevich, A. N.
Clemente Conte, Ignacio
Gassiot Ballbè, Ermengol

Additional title: Wooden constructions at the Stone Age site Zamostyc 2 : new data
Date: 2012
Abstract: Wooden remains of fishing construction (fish-traps, fish-fence) are rare finds difficult for interpretation, mostly owing to damages and replacing from the original position. At Mesolithic-Neolithic peat site Zamostye 2 a fishery zone were excavated including three fish-traps related with 210 poles driven in the Dubna River bed. Fish-traps represented conic baskets made of tiny pine splinters bound with grass bands, with original length around 2 m. During underwater investigation remains of two more constructions were discovered. According to a series of 14C dates the fishery zone is dated back to the Early Neolithic (the beginning of the 6th millennium BC).
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Language: Rus.
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Published in: Kratkie soobseniâ Instituta arheologii (KSIA), Vol. 227 (2012) , p. 250-259, ISSN 0130-2620

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