Teaching Academic reading with an App
Copy, Christine (Université de Pau et de Pays de l'Adour)
Curell i Gotor, Hortènsia (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)

Fecha: 2017
Resumen: StratApp is a project within KA2 Erasmus+, whose aim is to improve the English academic reading skills of university students by means of a game-based app accessible through mobile technology or web. The app will combine the obvious educational purpose with game-design elements and game principles. The first discipline to be included will be education. The first phase of the project, already completed, involved identifying the reading skills and strategies improvable by means of an app: word recognition, skimming, scanning, recognizing discourse structure and genre, and fluency (Grabe 2009, Nation 2009). The second phase, currently underway, consists in the pedagogical design of the app, i. e. , devising the various activities useful to improve each of these skills and strategies. In this presentation, we will focus on activities to raise the app's users' awareness of the generic and discourse characteristics of academic texts (Biber and Douglas 2009, Biber 2012). We will show how we intend to have L2 learners approach academic text reading, taking into account that such texts belong to a specific genre completely different to that of texts used in general English classes, namely, informative texts and fiction (Fernández-Toledo 2005). Among the most important skills that students need to master are noticing lexical cohesion, identifying the antecedents of pronouns and demonstratives, distinguishing the main ideas from supporting detail, and identifying rhetorical patterns and heavy NPs. Hence, a corpus of academic papers from the most relevant journals of education (such as Review of Educational Research or Research in Higher Education) will be compiled (Aijmer 2009). The specific manifestation of the aspects mentioned above will be taken as the basis for the actual form and content of the activities, and we will discuss the relevance of editing a representative corpus in order to build up a progression in the target language activity.
Nota: Número d'acord de subvenció 2016-1-ES01-KA203-025164
Derechos: Aquest document està subjecte a una llicència d'ús Creative Commons. Es permet la reproducció total o parcial i la comunicació pública de l'obra, sempre que no sigui amb finalitats comercials, i sempre que es reconegui l'autoria de l'obra original. No es permet la creació d'obres derivades. Creative Commons
Lengua: Anglès.
Documento: conferenceObject
Materia: Academic English ; Reading ; Gamification ; CALL
Publicado en: CAAD. International Conference on Corpus Analysis in Academic Discourse. València, 1r : 2017

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