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CA19-9 decrease at 8 weeks as a predictor of overall survival in a randomized phase III trial (MPACT) of weekly nab -paclitaxel plus gemcitabine versus gemcitabine alone in patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer
Chiorean, E. G. (University of Washington. Department of Medicine)
Von Hoff, D. D. (Translational Genomics Research Institute)
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McGovern, D. (Celgene Corporation)
Lu, B. (Celgene Corporation)
Ko, A. (Celgene Corporation)
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Date: 2016
Abstract: Any CA19-9 decline at week 8 and radiologic response by week 8 each predicted longer OS in both treatment arms. In the nab- P + Gem arm, the higher proportion of patients with week 8 CA19-9 decrease [82% (206/252); median OS 13. 2 months] than a RECIST-defined response [16% (40/252); median OS 13. 7 months] suggests that CA19-9 decline is a predictor of OS applicable to a larger population. A phase I/II study and subsequent phase III study (MPACT) reported significant correlations between CA19-9 decreases and prolonged overall survival (OS) with nab -paclitaxel plus gemcitabine (nab -P + Gem) treatment for metastatic pancreatic cancer (MPC). CA19-9 changes at week 8 and potential associations with efficacy were investigated as part of an exploratory analysis in the MPACT trial. Untreated patients with MPC (N = 861) received nab -P + Gem or Gem alone. CA19-9 was evaluated at baseline and every 8 weeks. Patients with baseline and week-8 CA19-9 measurements were analyzed (nab -P + Gem: 252; Gem: 202). In an analysis pooling the treatments, patients with any CA19-9 decline (80%) versus those without (20%) had improved OS (median 11. 1 versus 8. 0 months; P = 0. 005). In the nab -P + Gem arm, patients with (n = 206) versus without (n = 46) any CA19-9 decrease at week 8 had a confirmed overall response rate (ORR) of 40% versus 13%, and a median OS of 13. 2 versus 8. 3 months (P = 0. 001), respectively. In the Gem-alone arm, patients with (n = 159) versus without (n = 43) CA19-9 decrease at week 8 had a confirmed ORR of 15% versus 5%, and a median OS of 9. 4 versus 7. 1 months (P = 0. 404), respectively. In the nab -P + Gem and Gem-alone arms, by week 8, 16% (40/252) and 6% (13/202) of patients, respectively, had an unconfirmed radiologic response (median OS 13. 7 and 14. 7 months, respectively), and 79% and 84% of patients, respectively, had stable disease (SD) (median OS 11. 1 and 9 months, respectively). Patients with SD and any CA19-9 decrease (158/199 and 133/170) had a median OS of 13. 2 and 9. 4 months, respectively. This analysis demonstrated that, in patients with MPC, any CA19-9 decrease at week 8 can be an early marker for chemotherapy efficacy, including in those patients with SD. CA19-9 decrease identified more patients with survival benefit than radiologic response by week 8.
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Language: Anglès
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Subject: CA19-9 ; Pancreatic cancer ; Chemotherapy ; Nab -paclitaxel ; MPACT
Published in: Annals of oncology, Vol. 27, issue 4 (April 2016) , p. 654-660, ISSN 1569-8041

DOI: 10.1093/annonc/mdw006
PMID: 26802160

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