Colombian international trade from a physical perspective : towards an ecologial "Prebisch Thesis"
Pérez Rincón, Mario Alejandro

Imprint: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Unitat d'Història Econòmica 2006
Description: 19 p.
Abstract: Prebisch's approach to economic development was based on the notion that there is an international historical division of labour. Peripheral countries are specialized in exporting primary goods while centre countries export industrial goods. The Terms of trade for peripheral countries tend to deteriorate. This approach can be extendend to ecological issues. The international Centre-Periphery division does not only involve the monetary exchange of goods and capital, but also the physical exchange in which Southern countries provide materials and energy so that Northern countries can develop their socioconomic metabolism. This metabolism process is guaranteed through cheap prices for primary goods. This paper aims to apply and extend Prebisch's thought on unequal exchange, both monetary and ecological, in relation to colombian trade in the period 1970-2002, using material flow analysis.
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Indexed by: Ecological economics, v. 59, issue 4 (2006)
Language: Anglès.
Series: Documents de treball
Series: Documents de treball (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Unitat d'Història Econòmica) ; 3/2006
Document: workingPaper
Subject: Colòmbia ; Comerç exterior ; Ecologia ; Aspectes econòmics

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