The keeping of journals in CLIL contexts : how to make reflection possible by teachers and pupils
Benvenuto, Guido
Lastrucci, E.
Infante, D.
Grup LIEC (Llengua i Ensenyament de les Ciències)
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Sapienza Università di Roma
Università degli Studi della Basilicata
Trobada sobre semi-immersió a Catalunya (3a : 2009 : Barcelona, Catalunya)
Taula rodona internacional sobre programes AICLE (1a : 2009 : Barcelona, Catalunya)

Fecha: 2009
Resumen: This paper aims to provide an insight into ongoing experimental research on CLIL carried out as part of a PhD programme at the Sapienza University of Rome and the University of Basilicata. This research project, which has involved seven experimental primary school classes and seven control classes in the Lombardy region for two consecutive years, concerns the potential improvement of the quantitative and qualitative level of language learning and the positive effects on learning a subject in a CLIL environment. A sample of about 300 pupils who learn part of the curriculum of History, Art, Technology or Science through the English language is involved. Besides presenting empirical data from the first year of experimentation, this paper examines the results of the qualitative analysis of the journals kept by the teachers and pupils throughout the process. In order to have a better understanding of how each single CLIL project has developed, teachers and pupils have been required to keep a journal. This tool has also provided subsidiary information which has been extremely useful in explaining the results and revealing the teachers' and students' attitudes towards the CLIL approach. Both of the journals have been structured with a series of entries on which to reflect. It was also possible to add anything considered useful freely and in a narrative format. In order to accomplish the analysis, specific indicators and categories have been identified. This paper may be looked at by teachers and teacher trainers because it offers the possibility to consider the journal in different ways: as a pedagogical tool that promotes learning, as a methodological tool which gives an insight into CLIL experiences and as a professional tool which favours the development of reflective thinking.
Nota: III Colloquium on Semi-Immersion in Catalonia
Nota: III Encuentro sobre Semi-Inmersión en Cataluña
Derechos: Aquests documents estan subjectes a una llicència d'ús de Creative Commons, amb la qual es permet copiar, distribuir i comunicar públicament l'obra sempre que se'n citin l'autor original, la universitat i el congrés i no se'n faci cap ús comercial ni obra derivada, tal com queda estipulat en la llicència d'ús Creative Commons
Lengua: Castellà
Documento: conferenceObject
Materia: Semiimmersió ; Semiinmersión ; Semiimmersion ; Immersió ; Inmersión ; AICLE ; CLIL ; GREIP ; CLIL-SI ; ICE UAB ; Integració ; Integración ; Integration ; Bilingüisme ; Bilingüismo ; Bilingualism ; Plurilingüisme ; Plurilingüismo ; Plurilingualism ; Multilingüisme ; Multilingüismo ; Multilingualism ; Educació plurilingüe ; Educación plurilingüe ; Plurilingual education ; Ensenyament de llengües ; Enseñanza de lenguas ; Language teaching ; Llengua estrangera ; Lengua extranjera ; Foreign language ; Segona llengua ; Aprenentatge de llengües ; Segunda lengua ; Second language ; Adquisició de llengües ; Aprendizaje de lenguas ; Language learning ; Didàctica de la llengua ; Adquisición de lenguas ; Language acquisition ; TEFL ; Didàctica ; Didáctica de la lengua ; Didáctica ; Language pedagogy ; Formació del professorat de llengua ; Formación del profesorado de lengua ; Teacher Education ; Teacher Training
Publicado en: Trobada sobre semi-immersió a Catalunya. Barcelona, Catalunya, 3a : 2009
Taula rodona internacional sobre programes AICLE. Barcelona, Catalunya, 1a : 2009

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