The Smallest Neo-Assyrian Combat Unit
Backer, Fabrice De (University of Vienna. Aloïs Musil Center for Oriental Studies)

Date: 2014
Abstract: For more than two centuries, scholars have thought that the Neo-Assyrians sorted their battle lines according to the classes of the fighters: firstly the chariots, then the horsemen, then the infantrymen. So far, few attempts were realized to understand and illustrate why the Neo-Assyrian warriors mentioned in the texts and /or depicted on the visual evidence fight as small groups of inter-disciplinary specialists. This paper will investigate both the organization and the chain of command of the Neo-Assyrian army engaged in combat.
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Language: Anglès.
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Subject: Infantry ; Cavalry ; Chariotry ; Spearman ; Archer ; Slinger
Published in: Historiae, Núm. 11 (2014) , p. 19-47, ISSN 1697-5456

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