Identifying interactions between global and local developments : the Observatory for the detection of skill and training needs in the Barcelona region
Planas, Jordi, 1950- (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Institut de Ciències de l'Educació. Grup de Recerca en Educació i Treball)

Publicación: Luxembourg : Office for official publications of the European Communties, 2007
Descripción: 11 pag.
Resumen: The project presented in this article (1) defines the content and methods for identifying vocational training needs in the Barcelona region from a standpoint different from, and critical of, the 'technocratic' methods that have long dominated the monitoring of labour market and training trends. This project is linked with other international initiatives. The theoretical framework is a skill-oriented adjustment model of the kind being used increasingly in human resource management at all levels by business, industry and government bodies. The project's methodology takes into account both global and local developments and aims to create a permanent instrument for identifying and monitoring skill needs and skills availability in a given region. It uses a pragmatic approach of regulation and adjustment underpinned by partnerships.
Derechos: Tots els drets reservats
Lengua: Anglès
Colección: CEDEFOP reference series; 52
Documento: bookPart
Materia: Formació professional ; Barcelona (Catalunya) ; Vocational training ; Barcelona
Publicado en: Identifying skill needs for the future From research to policy and practice, 2007, p. 106-116

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