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Mapping and introgression of QTL involved in fruit shape transgressive segregation into 'piel de sapo' Mmlon (Cucucumis melo L.)
Diaz, Aurora (Universitat Politècnica de València. Instituto de Biología Molecular y Celular de Plantas)
Zarouri, Belkacem (Instituto Madrileño de Investigación y Desarrollo Rural, Agrario y Alimentario)
Fergany, Mohamed (Centre de Recerca en Agrigenòmica)
Eduardo Muñoz, Iban (Centre de Recerca en Agrigenòmica)
Álvarez, José M. (Centro de Investigación y Tecnología Agroalimentaria (Aragó))
Picó, Belén (Centro de Conservación y Mejora de la Agrodiversidad Valenciana)
Monforte, Antonio J. (Universitat Politècnica de València. Instituto de Biología Molecular y Celular de Plantas)

Date: 2014
Abstract: A mapping F₂ population from the cross 'Piel de Sapo' × PI124112 was selectively genotyped to study the genetic control of morphological fruit traits by QTL (Quantitative Trait Loci) analysis. Ten QTL were identified, five for FL (Fruit Length), two for FD (Fruit Diameter) and three for FS (Fruit Shape). At least one robust QTL per character was found, flqs8. 1 (LOD = 16. 85, R² = 34%), fdqs12. 1 (LOD = 3. 47, R² = 11%) and fsqs8. 1 (LOD = 14. 85, R² = 41%). flqs2. 1 and fsqs2. 1 cosegregate with gene a (andromonoecious), responsible for flower sex determination and with pleiotropic effects on FS. They display a positive additive effect (a) value, so the PI124112 allele causes an increase in FL and FS, producing more elongated fruits. Conversely, the negative a value for flqs8. 1 and fsqs8. 1 indicates a decrease in FL and FS, what results in rounder fruits, even if PI124112 produces very elongated melons. This is explained by a significant epistatic interaction between fsqs2. 1 and fsqs8. 1, where the effects of the alleles at locus a are attenuated by the additive PI124112 allele at fsqs8. 1. Roundest fruits are produced by homozygous for PI124112 at fsqs8. 1 that do not carry any dominant A allele at locus a (PiPiaa). A significant interaction between fsqs8. 1 and fsqs12. 1 was also detected, with the alleles at fsqs12. 1 producing more elongated fruits. fsqs8. 1 seems to be allelic to QTL discovered in other populations where the exotic alleles produce elongated fruits. This model has been validated in assays with backcross lines along 3 years and ultimately obtaining a fsqs8. 1-NIL (Near Isogenic Line) in 'Piel de Sapo' background which yields round melons.
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Language: Anglès.
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Published in: PloS one, Vol. 9, issue 8 (August 2014) , e104188, ISSN 1932-6203

DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0104188
PMID: 25126852

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