Perceptions of Europe in political and economic elites : a geographical compared analysis of Germany, Spain and Poland
Jerez Mir, Miguel
Vázquez, Rafael, 1977-
Institut de Ciències Polítiques i Socials. Barcelona, Catalunya

Publicació: Institut de Ciències Polítiques i Socials (Barcelona, Catalunya) 2009
Descripció: 40 p.
Resum: Elite perceptions about Europe are a very important point in order to understand the current European integration process, as well as the future perspectives for the continent. This study makes a comparison between the perceptions which political and economical elites in some European countries have about the European Union process and its mechanisms. The main goal is to identify the differences in positions of each type of elites, as well as the variations among three key countries. The database built thanks to the INTUNE (Integrated and United? A quest for Citizenship in an ¨ever closer Europe¨) Project Survey on European Elites and Masses, funded by the Sixth Framework Programme of the EU [Contract CIT 3-CT-2005-513421] have being used. The questionnaire was applied between February and May 2007, in a total of 18 European countries. The national teams got a total of almost 2000 valid responses at European level. In the analysis we have showed some general descriptive statistics about the perception of Europe taking as a reference two dimensions of the INTUNE project: identity (attachment to the national level, the meaning of being a truly national, and the threats from Turkey that EU is facing at this moment) and representation (trust in European and national institutions, preferences for a national or an European army). The results are presented distinguishing between political (national MP’s in low chambers) and economical elites (presidents of corporations, general managers…) and, at the same time, among three countries: Germany as an original member of the European Union; Spain, incorporated in 1986; and a new member, Poland, joining the EU in 2004.
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Llengua: Anglès.
Col·lecció: Working papers
Col·lecció: Working papers (Institut de Ciències Polítiques i Socials (Barcelona, Catalunya)) ; 282/09
Document: workingPaper
Matèria: Identitat col·lectiva ; Europa ; Elit ; Enquestes ; Alemanya ; Espanya ; Polònia

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