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Toni Morrisson and the translation of history in Margaret Garner
Bynum, Leon James (Columbia University)

Date: 2011
Abstract: This article probes how Toni Morrison translates biographical history in Margaret Garner in relation to Black women’s self-determination. Margaret Garner was regarded with both reproach and reverence for murdering her two-year-old daughter to prevent the child from being returned to slavery after they escaped in 1856. Writing the 2005 opera Margaret Garner, Morrison made a number of changes to the historical narrative of the eponymous heroine. The focus of her translation is not on presenting an accurate recountal of history; rather, the goal is to redress the limitations placed on Black women’s self-determination by granting them agency through this interpretation of Garner.
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Language: Anglès.
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Subject: Margaret Garner ; Toni Morrison ; Agency ; History ; Translation ; Filicide ; Beloved ; Opera ; Agencia ; Historia ; Traducción ; Filicidio ; Amado ; Ópera ; Agència ; Història ; Traducció ; Filicidi ; Estimat ; Òpera
Published in: Doletiana : revista de traducció, literatura i art, Núm. 3 (2011) , p. 1-14, ISSN 1988-3366

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