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Green currents for quasi-algebraically stable meromorphic self-maps of Pk
Nguyên, Viêt-Anh

Date: 2012
Abstract: We construct a canonical Green current Tf for every quasi-algebraically stable meromorphic self-map f of Pk such that its rst dynamical degree 1(f) is a simple root of its characteristic polynomial and that λ1(f) > 1: We establish a functional equation for Tf and show that the support of Tf is contained in the Julia set, which is thus non empty.
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Language: Anglès.
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Subject: Quasi-algebraically stable meromorphic map ; Algebraic degree ; Rst dy-namical degree ; Green current
Published in: Publicacions matemàtiques, Vol. 56, Núm. 1 ( 2012) , p. 127-146, ISSN 0214-1493

DOI: 10.5565/PUBLMAT_56112_05

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