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The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) has agreements with many universities throughout Europe and The Globe. To check if your University has an agreement with UAB, you should contact the International Office at your University, or alternatively you can contact us.

If your University has an agreement with
Facultat de Ciències and you have been nominated as an exchange student to this faculty, take into account the next information and procedures.

Useful Information
Access to the UAB for foreign and exchange students HandBook UAB (cat es en) and General Information (cat es en).

A pocket guide (cat es en) to enjoying your stay (80 tips).

 Application Form and Deadlines

All incoming Erasmus Students must apply online here until deadline.

LEARNING AGREEMENT : after being admitted, all Erasmus students must post 3 copies of this document (signed and stamped by your home co-ordinators) in order to be accepted by UAB Departmental Exchange Co-ordinator. Find addresses at Contacte.

Choosing your courses in Faculty of Sciences

• Students’ guide - list of courses - (Syllabus):
www.uab.cat/ciencies (red box) -> la guia de l'ESTUDIANT 2011-12 (or see pdf )

• Timetable & Exams:
  http://www.uab.cat/ciencies/ -> Informació Acadèmica -> Horaris i Exàmens curs 2011-12
follow Transparència del Pla Docent -> Pla Docent per assignatures, then select faculty, degree and subject.

• Subjects' Programmes - Courses' Contents -:
Notice that a minimum of 50% subjects must be taken from Facultat de Ciències.

Find programmes from EHEA studies in the next links:
Grau de Ciències Ambientals (Environmental Sciences) click here.
Grau d'Estadística Aplicada (Applied Statistics) click here.
Grau de Física (Physics) click here.
Grau de Geologia (Geology) click here.
Grau de Matemàtiques (Mathematics) click here.
Grau de Nanociència i Nanotecnologia (Nanoscience and Nanotechnology) click here.
Grau de Química (Chemistry) click here.

Find out other programmes at:
http://ddd.uab.cat/ -> write code and course's name in the box and click on Cerca button. Choose the most recent document
choose degree at Contacte and browse the web.

Calendar: http://www.uab.cat/ciencies -> Informació Acadèmica -> Calendari Acadèmic curs 2011-12

• Teaching languages: both Catalan free  course for exchange students) and Spanish are used (Language courses available at Servei de Llengües).

You can also learn Catalan as EILC and get a supplementary mobility grant. Apply now!

Try the online Experience University in Catalan.

Courses in English:
Next courses, from Faculty of Sciences are expected to be taught in English for 2011-12 academic year.

From Grau de Física
100162 Introduction to Cosmology (5 ECTS) Spring/Summer Semester
100171 Quantum Mechanics (6 ECTS) Autumn/Winter Semester
100172 Theoretical Mechanics and Non-Lineal Systems (6 ECTS) Autumn/Winter Semester
100180 Quantum Optics (6 ECTS) Autumn/Winter Semester
100178 Advanced Quantum Mechanics (6 ECTS) Spring/Summer Semester
100181 General Relativity (6 ECTS) Spring/Summer Semester

From Llicenciatura de Químca
20572 Structure Determination, Spring/Summer Semester
20567 Spectroscopy, Autumn/Winter Semester

From Grau de Matemàtiques
100127 Current Trends in Mathematics, Annual

Accommodation, Transport & Living at UAB

Our campus provides many facilities about accommodation.
See how to reach the UAB. Mobility and transport in the campus.
Join Mentor Programme  or welcome programmes to have a better experience.
Welcome days are scheduled from September 20th, 2011.

ESN (Erasmus Student Network Barcelona) from UAB at http://www.esn-uab.org


Should you have any questions, please contact Oficina d'Intercanvis

Help us to improve our Exchange web pages.
Send an email to intercanvis.ciencies@uab.cat.

last update April 30th, 2012

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