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On the dynamics of a system that bridges the gap between Lorenz and Chen systems
Llibre, Jaume (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Departament de Matemàtiques)
Rodrigues, Ana (University of Exeter. College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physics)

Fecha: 2015
Resumen: A one-parameter family of differential systems that bridges the gap between the Lorenz and the Chen systems was proposed by Lu, Chen, Cheng and Celikovsy. The goal of this paper is to analyze what we can say using analytic tools about the dynamics of this one-parameter family of differential systems. We shall describe its global dynamics at infinity, and for two special values of the parameter a we also can describe the global dynamics in the whole R 3 using the invariant algebraic surfaces of the family. Additionally we characterize the Hopf bifurcations of this family.
Nota: Número d'acord de subvenció MINECO/MTM2008-03437
Nota: Número d'acord de subvenció MINECO/MTM2013-40998-P
Nota: Número d'acord de subvenció AGAUR/2014/SGR-568
Nota: Número d'acord de subvenció EC/FP7/2012/316338
Nota: Número d'acord de subvenció EC/FP7/2012/318999
Nota: Agraïments: FEDER-UNAB 10-4E-378. The second author was supported by the Swedish Research Council VR Grant 2010/5905.
Derechos: Tots els drets reservats.
Lengua: Anglès.
Documento: article ; recerca ; submittedVersion
Materia: Hopf bifurcation ; Invariant algebraic surface ; Lorenz-Chen system ; Poincaré compactification
Publicado en: International journal of bifurcation and chaos in applied sciences and engineering, Vol. 25 Núm. 9 (2015) , p. 1550122 (9 pages), ISSN 1793-6551

DOI: 10.1142/S0218127415501229

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