Educational trends in special education in spain : the case of the deaf
Fernández Mostaza, Esther

Date: 2001
Abstract: Following a brief account of Education and Special Eduacation in Spain, I will start the paper by pointing out the different views of understanding deafness, both in hearing and deaf people. I shall then focus on the Spanish situation regarding the education models for the deaf, drawing a distinction between models regaring language (oralism vs. biingualism) and models regarding education (special educationvs. inclusive education). The paper woll end vith a vision of the education for the deaf paying special attention to the fact that school teachers and andministrators have a very early and intense role in the lives of deaf children. It will point out that early intervention is a desirable goal, but carries some dangers regarding dear children's social and emotional development.
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Language: Anglès.
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Subject: Educació especial ; Espanya ; Sordesa ; Educational trends ; Special education ; Deaf
Published in: Mediterranean Journal of Educational Studies, Vol. 6 Núm. 2 (2001) , p. 23-44, ISSN 1024-5375

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