Social and Legal Sciences

These collections contain the Open Access output of the UAB research centres and groups in the following fields of Social and Legal Sciences:


Advertising and Public Relations - Anthropology - Communication - Demography - Economics and Business - Education - Geography - Journalism - Law and Legal Sciences - Political Science and Public Management - Social Psychology - Sociology - Tourism

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Centre d’Estudis Sociològics sobre la Vida Quotidiana i el Treball (QUIT) (855)
The Research Centre for Science and Mathematics Education (CRECIM) (140)
CRiEDO (Center for Research and Studies for Organizational Development) (443)
The Department of Communication and Education (304)
Eficàcia de la Formació (EFI) (39)
Globalisation, Education and Social Policies (GEPS) (183)
GREDICS (Research Group on Social Sciences Education)  (119)
Centre for Demographic Studies (CED-CERCA) (1,340)
Gresc@ (Research Group on Education for Sustainability, School and Community) (50)
GRISS (Grup de Recerca en Imatge, So i Síntesi / Grupo de Investigación en Imagen, Sonido y Síntesis) (243)
Group of Studies on Immigration and Ethnic Minorities (GEDIME) (201)
DCEI Research Group (15)
Daniel Jones Research Group in Communication Structure and Policies​ (47)
Antigona Research Group (69)
Research Group Rights of Spanish and Foreign Workers (DRELATES) (81)
Research Group Education and Work (GRET) (286)
Local Communication Research Group (LOCALCOM) (112)
Sound, Strategic and Transparency Communication Research Group (ComSET) (9)
Desistance and Reentry Policies research group (39)
Criminal Law Group and New Trends in Criminal Policy  (25)
Research Centre for Teaching & Plurilingual Interaction (GREIP) (26)
Research Group on Psychology, Communication & Advertising (PCA) (83)
Advertising and Public Relations Research Group (GRP)  (102)
Grup de Recerca en Infància i Adolescència en Risc Social (IARS)  (55)
GSADI Analytical Sociology & Institutional Design (49)
Institute of Political and Social Sciences (ICPS) (447)
Institute of Law and Technology (IDT)  (242)
Instituto de Gobierno y Políticas Públicas (IGOP) (358)
Sports Research Institute (IRE) (8)
InCom-UAB – the Institute of Communication at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) (535)
ISOR (Research in Sociology of Religion) (137)
Laboratory of Instrumental Analysis of the Communication (LAICOM) (74)
Laboratory of Journalism and Communication for the Plural Citizenship - Labcompublica (87)
Laboratori de Prospectiva i Recerca en Comunicació, Cultura i Cooperació (LAPREC)  (88)
LIEC (52)
Publiradio (76)