Resolving L2 written text production problems using reference sources
Kozlova, Inna
Presas, Marisa

Imprint: Granada : Comares, 2016
Abstract: Little attention has been paid to reference skills in L2 written text production in comparison with L2 text comprehension. This may be explained by the fact that the relation between L2 text production and the process of consultation of external resources has not yet been the object of exhaustive research, largely because text production is viewed exclusively as an encoding activity. The place of the consultation of external resources in text production will only be recognised when the latter is viewed as an encoding activity continuously interrupted by decoding sequences when internal support fails and additional information is required. To obtain this additional information, writers must turn to external resources and engage in decoding. The consultation of external resources is thus a conscious problem-solving strategy which is closely related to one's definition of a problem, knowledge and beliefs about external resources, and attitude towards their use. In this article we present a cognitive model of the problem-solving process in L2 text production which includes the use of reference sources. Using this model, we have analysed how students envisage, and carry out, their problem-solving processes in L2 written text production. A customised questionnaire was used to obtain data on students' beliefs concerning the relation between internal and external support; their perceived knowledge of external resources; and their attitude to reference skills training. This data was contrasted to the problem-solving processes actually carried out by the students. Results suggest that, in theory, students correctly describe the stages of the consultation process. In practice, however, some fail to complete the process at a certain stage. Detecting when this happens allows us to design appropriate reference skills training.
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Language: Anglès
Series: Interlingua
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Subject: Text production ; L2 ; Reference skills ; Dictionary ; Problem-solving
ISBN: 978-84-9045-432-9
Published in: Traducción, Interpretación y Estudios interculturales, 2016, p. 87-108

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