Mensajes y masajes : la expansión del infoentretenimiento en los noticiarios televisivos españoles
Monclús Blanco, Belén (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Grup de Recerca en Imatge, So i Síntesi)
Vicente Mariño, Miguel (Universidad de Valladolid)

Date: 2009
Abstract: Traditional boundaries between information and entertainment are suffering a clear devaluation. The pessimistic landscape drew by Postman (1985) is being overcome by contemporary media reality. TV newscast's structure follows fiction narration rules; content is getting 'softer' and the overall discourse is simpler than the complex reality that lies behind daily life. The audience battle, the relax of the news quality standards and the financial requirements of TV channels are some of the explanations to the shift encountered during the last fifteen years. This paper reviews the continent and the content of some of the Spanish TV news bulletins. Comparison between channels returns different strategies, but similitude is even more significant. The growing presence of soft news is a common trend, as well as the tendency to include news completely out of the common properties of both the political and the public agenda. In fact, a new trend is beginning to be perceived: issues traditionally belonging to the political or sports sphere tend to also be portrayed as a show, opening the door to political and sports infotainment.
Note: La Metamorfosi de l'espai mediàtic. V Congrés Internacional Comunicació i Realitat (Barcelona, 22-23 de maig de 2009)
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Language: Castellà
Document: article ; recerca ; publishedVersion
Subject: Infotaintment ; Newscasts ; Television news ; Content analysis ; Infoentretenimiento ; Noticiarios televisivos ; Noticias en televisión ; Análisis de contenido
Published in: Trípodos, Núm. Extra (2009) , p. 467-480, ISSN 1138-3305

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