Setting up of beef aging processes and comparison of two methods : Traditional dry aging and a novel method with high permeable to water vapour bag
Scappini Medina, Juan Sebastián

Data: 2018
Descripció: 44 p.
Resum: The objective of this experiment was to compare traditional dry ageing of beef with a novel procedure with a highly permeable to moisture. Six similar pieces of whole short sirloin from the same anatomic side of crossbreed Holstein x Angus were selected to conduct this experiment for 28 or 45 days at a Temperature of 1. 0 ± 2. 0 ºC and Relative Humidity of 78 ± 20% as ageing conditions. There were found differences (P < 0. 0001) between ageing methods on yield parameters as weight losses from 0 and 28th day and on the estimated total ageing time (0 - 45 d). Defrost losses showed to be influenced by ageing method at 28 days (P < 0. 0002), as well as cooking losses were affected by the interaction of time and ageing method (P < 0. 0001), these ones related to Water Holding Capacity. Ageing time also affected CIE-Lab scale values that fluctuated among ageing period (P < 0. 0001). Texture parameters, measured by Shear Force test, were influenced (P < 0. 0001) by ageing period. Some sensory traits are slightly but statistically (P < 0. 05) influenced by the interaction of time and ageing method. Dry ageing in a highly permeable to water vapour bag showed differences with traditional dry ageing, affecting production and saleable yields, as well as being an influencing factor on quality traits that may affect consumer perception in election of such a premium product as aged beef.
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Llengua: Anglès
Col·lecció: Facultat de Veterinària. Treballs de màster i postgrau. Màster oficial de Qualitat d'Aliments d'Origen Animal
Document: masterThesis
Matèria: Tecnologia dels aliments ; Aliments i nutrició ; Enologia ; Olis ; Greixos

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