Development of an optimized methodology for tensile testing of carbon steels in hydrogen environment
Cuadros Fernández, Pau
Baró, M. D.. (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Departament de Física)
Duprez, Lode
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Escola d'Enginyeria

Data: 2009
Descripció: 118 p.
Resum: The study was performed at OCAS, the Steel Research Centre of ArcelorMittal for the Industry market. The major aim of this research was to obtain an optimized tensile testing methodology with in-situ H-charging to reveal the hydrogen embrittlement in various high strength steels. The second aim of this study has been the mechanical characterization of the hydrogen effect on hight strength carbon steels with varying microstructure, i. e. ferrite-martensite and ferrite-bainite grades. The optimal parameters for H-charging - which influence the tensile test results (sample geometry type of electrolyte, charging methods effect of steel type, etc. ) - were defined and applied to Slow Strain Rate testing, Incremental Step Loading and Constant Load Testing. To better understand the initiation and propagation of cracks during tensile testing with in-situ H-charging, and to make the correlation with crystallographic orientation, some materials have been analyzed in the SEM in combination with the EBSD technique. The introduction of a notch on the tensile samples permits to reach a significantly improved reproducibility of the results. Comparing the various steel grades reveals that Dual Phase (ferrite-martensite) steels are more sensitive to hydrogen induced cracking than the FB (ferritic-bainitic) ones. This higher sensitivity to hydrogen was found back in the reduced failure times, increased creep rates and enhanced crack initiation (SEM) for the Dual Phase steels in comparison with the FB steels.
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Llengua: Anglès
Titulació: Ciència de Materials [5600169]
Col·lecció: Escola d'Enginyeria. Projectes i treballs de final de carrera. Enginyeria de Materials
Document: Treball final de grau
Matèria: Acer d'alta resistència ; Proves

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