Two generalizations of Dykstra's cyclic projections algorithm
Hundal, Hein
Deutsch, Frank

Data: 1997
Resum: Dykstra's cyclic projections algorithm allows one to compute best approximations to any pointx in a Hilbert space from the intersection C = (intersection)^r_1 C_i of a finite number of closed convex sets C_i, by reducing it to a sequence of best approximation problems from the individual sets C_i. Here we present two generalizations of this algorithm. First we allow the number of sets C_i to be infinite rather than finite; secondly, we allow a random, rather than cyclic, ordering of the sets C_i. .
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Llengua: Anglès
Document: Article ; recerca ; Versió publicada
Matèria: Dykstra's algorithm ; Cyclic projections ; Successive approximation ; Convex feasibility ; Alternating projections ; Best approximation ; Hildreth's algorithm ; Finite element method
Publicat a: Mathematical Programming, vol. 77 n. 3 (1997) p. 335-355, ISSN 0025-5610

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