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Sur la structure du groupe d'automorphismes de certaines surfaces affines
Lamy, Stéphane

Data: 2005
Resum: We describe the structure of the group of algebraic automorphisms of the following surfaces 1) P1 k x P1 k minus a diagonal; 2) P1 k x P1 k minus a fiber. The motivation is to get a new proof of two theorems proven respectively by L. Makar-Limanov and H. Nagao. We also discuss the structure of the semi-group of polynomial proper maps from C2 to C2.
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Llengua: Francès.
Document: Article ; recerca ; article ; publishedVersion
Matèria: Algebraic automorphisms ; Amalgamated products ; Polynomial proper maps
Publicat a: Publicacions matematiques, V. 49 N. 1 (2005) , p. 3-20, ISSN 0214-1493

Adreça original:
DOI: 10.5565/PUBLMAT_49105_01
DOI: 10.5565/128390

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