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Stabilization in Hr ∞ (D)
Wick, Brett D. (University of South Carolina. Department of Mathematics)

Data: 2010
Resum: It is shown that for H∞/R(D)functions f1 and f2 with inf/z ∈D (│f1(z)│+ │f2(z) │≥ ᵟ > 0 and f1 being positive on the real zeros of f2, then there exists H∞/R (D) functions g2 and g1, g1 -1 with norm controlled by a constant depending only on ᵟ g1f1 + g2f2 = 1 ∀ z ∈ D. These results are connected to the computation of the stable rank of the algebra H∞/R and to results in Control Theory.
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Llengua: Anglès.
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Matèria: Banach Algebras ; Control Theory ; Corona Theorem ; Stable Rank
Publicat a: Publicacions Matemàtiques, V. 54 n. 1 (2010) p. 25-52, ISSN 0214-1493

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DOI: 10.5565/PUBLMAT_54110_02
DOI: 10.5565/154815

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