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Toledo, Guillermo (Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (Argentina))

Data: 2010
Resum: In this work the phrasal accent (T-, H- and L-) on the right edge of the phonological phrase (º), a prosodic constituent between the phonological word (w, inferior) and the major intonational phrase (IP, superior) is studied. The analysis is based on the autosegmental and metrical model (AM). The laboratory corpus is integrated by sentences NP+VP+PP or NP+VP+NP. The VPs have sizes from one to six syllables. They are the production of four Peninsular Spanish speakers (two male and two female). The goal is to determine the influence of the size of VPs in the phonological phrasing: phrases of two words versus phrases of one w. The results indicate that the phrasing of three speakers is influenced by short VPs [(w)º (w w) º] IP opposed to VPs of more length [(w) º (w) º (w) º] IP.
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Llengua: Castellà.
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Matèria: Autosegmental and Metrical Phonology (AM) ; Spanish Phonological ; Phrasing ; Phrasal Accent ; Phonological Phrase ; Fonologia autosegmental y métrica ; Fonología en español ; Fraseo ; Acento frasal ; Frase fonológica ; Fonologia autosegmental i mètrica ; Fonologia en espanyol ; Fraseig ; Accent phrasal ; Frase fonològica
Publicat a: Language design : journal of theoretical and experimental linguistics, Vol. 12, Núm. (2010) , p. 97-121, ISSN 1139-4218

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